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Fields Analytics is supported and approved by the Board of Investments of Thailand. We as a result can provide our employees with visa’s and work permit’s.


  Fields Analytics prides itself on its commitment to its goals and to the staff via means of training.  We aim not only to expand the success of the company but also to ensure the moral of the staff is always at an all time high. The training and development provided gives staff the opportunity to expand their professional level and skill set but skill sets alone are not enough. We pride ourselves on the community and family built around the company. Many of the employees settled in Chiang Mai after falling in love with area during their travels. We understand this can be a daunting decision to make however the social network built around Fields Analytics allows you meet up with like minded employees.


The company holds regular social and team building activities for the staff to attend and enjoy which always have a great turn out and a great atmosphere.

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