About Us


About Us


Fields Analytics is situated in the beautiful city of Chiang Mai. The area was chosen as the hub for the company due to the unique culture and lifestyle options Chiang Mai provides. This location has allowed us not only to grow the company with like minded individuals but to also grow a community within and around the company. As this tightly knitted community grows, the company does too.  A large portion of our foreign staff are globe trotters and people of all age groups who want to see the world. The vast majority intend on passing through Chiang Mai however as per most people do, fall in love with it and want to stay.

We offers employees the opportunity to take part in our development, stay in Chiang Mai and not only to help the company grow but also to help them grow on a professional and personal level with the company.


We are dedicated to enjoying all aspects of the local lifestyle and culture which come through in the office. Our goal is to get the job done professionally while maintaining a fun, relaxed and friendly atmosphere and attitude.


Fields Analytics is supported and approved by the Board of Investments of Thailand.

As a result, we can provide our foreign employees a legal visa and work permit.


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